Chaos Minds

Launched in 2019 publishing games on PC and mobile. With so many backgrounds in various fields, one thing remains the same - innovation and entertainment need to be our leading objectives when approaching any project.

Our goal is to bring Indie games to audiences around the world by teaming up with talented developers that make innovative games for mavericks.

We make sure to work closely with developers to understand their vision and bring that narrative to our audience. With the launch of our first game, Forgiveness, we take each player through an escape room puzzle based on the 7 deadly sins.

Our approach to gaming is simple, we let the developers focus on their craft while we take care of the business. With so many different sides to publishing a game, we understand that developers prefer to focus on making sure all facets of the game are perfected while we look into the right connections and audiences to help us get the word out.

With a creative team of dedicated and out of the box thinkers, we are paving the way for future indie games through the Chaos - Minds funnel.